bb_arianajolie_005 Ariana Doubles Her Pleasure bb_arianajolie_005 Ariana Doubles Her Pleasure

Ariana’s favorite position is perfect for us. More than anything, she loves to ride her husband’s cock, taking it up her perfect tight asshole with her legs spread wide, giving us a perfect view as she strokes herself to a violent orgasm.

When we got Ariana into our studio, we took one look at her beautiful round ass and knew it would be a shoot like no other. She did some posing for us, showing us exactly what it was that her husband would be enjoying in just a few moments, and we knew at once that she was a girl who loved to show off.

How right we were. As soon as the tapes were rolling, she really got into it.

Ariana was a seasoned expert at taking it up the ass, but she played it up for the cameras, moaning softly and gently biting her lower lip just like as if it were her first time. Acting the role seemed to turn her on even more, as she looked down and enjoyed her view of her pretty pink pussy laid wide open with her husband’s thick cock sliding in and out of her ass with perfect, calculated strokes.

Ariana reached forward and began to stroke her tender swollen clit, already soaking wet. She moved her slender fingers in tight little circles, pressing harder and harder as she went. Getting worked up, she began to ride her husband even harder, pushing against him with the same violent force that he was thrusting into her, and it wasn’t long until her plump cheeks were red, just as if she’d received a spanking.

The feeling of a thick cock in her ass as she stroked herself in front of a room full of people on camera was too much for Ariana, and she soon started to buck her hips wildly in a way that let us knew it was all over for her. With one last desperate stroke, she drove her fingers deep into her pussy, bringing her legs together once in a silent, breathless moment before she cried out and threw them open once more, revealing a trembling twat that soaked her husband’s throbbing shaft



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