bb_cloe_005 Cloe Rams Her First Up Her Cunt bb_cloe_005 Cloe Rams Her First Up Her Cunt

Cloe has never had anal sex, and she has never wanted to try it. She’s a good girl, and only likes basic, pussy sex. But when her boyfriend suggested that they have sex in front of a camera, she decided she would try something different and just let him video tape the sex. After all, he wasn’t going to do anything different in front of the camera.

Well, that wasn’t true. Cloe stripped off her clothes for her boyfriend, taking a long time and showing off her tall, thin, perfect body very slowly. As her panties came off, her boyfriend and the camera got a great look at her tight virgin asshole and her perfect pink pussy lips. Cloe got on the bed and opened her legs, waiting for her boyfriend to fuck her little cunt. He got between her thighs and opened her legs wider so the camera could see his cock slide deep inside Cloe’s little cunt. She squealed, riding his dock and bucking her hips into his thrusting hardness. As he fucked her, he was imagining what it would be like to take her little tight asshole. He decided to find out.

After thrusting into Cloe’s twat fro a few minutes, Cloe’s boyfriend lay down on the bed and pulled Cloe on top of him, but facing towards the camera. He pushed her legs wide open, revealing her tender pink clam for the camera lens. He massaged her clit for a second, and then suddenly sank his cock into her asshole. Cloe was completely turned on by the deep, painful thrusts and she opened her legs wider for his prick. Cloe let him pound into her tight asshole, and as he stretched her wide, she knew she was going to cum. Cloe let out her creamy orgasm, and so did her boyfriend, filling Cloe’s perfect butt hole with his hot load of jizz.



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