bb_hana_003 Hana Prefers It In Her Ass Like Most Czech Whores bb_hana_003 Hana Prefers It In Her Ass Like Most Czech Whores

Pussy fucking is great. There’s nothing like watching a chick get pounded in the cunt and letting her get stretched wide with the penetration of a huge cock. But the best kind of sex is definitely butt sex. Ass fucking is the best way to take a vulnerable woman and make her take you in a place she would never otherwise dreamed of.

Mike found a particularly horny little slut named Hana. Hana loved to get fucked, and she was very open about it. As soon as Mike met her, she asked him is he wanted to go somewhere private, pull her panties down, and fuck her sweet pussy. He said he would rather fuck her ass, but she said she wasn’t into that, so he accepted her first offer.

He took her to a hotel and pulled her skirt up over her hips. He grabbed her thing panties and dropped them to the floor and massaged the little bud between her legs. Mike grabbed his rock hard cock and drove it hard into Hana’s juicy cunt. She moaned and begged him to fuck her harder. He thrust a little harder, grabbing Hana’s hips and really pounding into her pussy. Hana opened her thighs wider and stroked her little clit, letting Mike watch as she brought herself to an orgasm all over his pounding prick.

Mike rolled Hana over to her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks. Without asking first, Mike took his cock and slid it into her tight, virgin asshole. Hana gasped and thought she wanted him to stop, but with every thrust she loved it more, so she let him continue pushing deeper and deeper into her little butt until he couldn’t wait another second. He sprayed his cum all over Hana’s gorgeous face and watched while she licked the drops from his head.



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