bb_hillaryscott_005 Hillary Scott Fulfills Her Anal Desires. bb_hillaryscott_005 Hillary Scott Fulfills Her Anal Desires.

Letting a man fuck her cunt was one thing for Hillary. Sure she loves feeling a huge cock fill her little pussy and she craved the feeling of his hot jizz pumping inside her. But what she thought about when she played with her little cunt was a little dirtier: Hillary fantasized about getting her tight asshole stretched by a huge black cock, and letting his creamy white cum slip out of her butt.

Hillary found a big, strapping black man to fulfill her ass-fucking fantasies and she immediately told him what she wanted. He was eager to accept and took her back to his house. Hillary stripped naked for him in a few seconds, letting him get a close look at her perky little tits and her already soaking wet cunt.

Hillary got her man warmed up by dropping to her knees and sucking his dick. He was huge, almost 12 inches in length, and he completely filled her mouth. As she slid her lips up and down his shaft, she got hotter and hotter thinking about how it would feel to have this enormous rod buried in her ass.

Soon Hillary knew she couldn’t wait another second to have this huge throbbing black stallion inside her. She opened her legs and bent over for his dick. He shoved his cock deep into her slit, getting himself nice and wet before he penetrated her tight asshole. As he pumped into her pussy, Hillary fingered her asshole in preparation for the fucking she was about to get.

Hillary was surprised when her man withdrew his huge cock from her cunt and slipped it deep and quick into her ass. She squealed with pleasure, and spread her legs widerso he could get as deep as possible. Soon he was ready to cum, and Hillary let out a lusty moan as she felt him unload into her newly stretched asshole. As he pulled out of her ass, he moved up to her face and sprayed his cum all over her chest and watched her lick it all up.



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