bb_jana_003 Jana Takes It In Any Hole. bb_jana_003 Jana Takes It In Any Hole.

Jana knows that she likes anal sex because she’s teased herself when she’s all alone. After fingering her breasts and stroking her ass, she realizes that her ass is her best feature and one that she should explore more. After dressing in a slutty little outfit, she begins to dance around for herself and finger herself there. She can’t believe how good it makes her feel to touch her ass and push her finger deep inside.

John heard a noise and noticed that Jana’s door was slightly open. They had been roommates for a while now, and while he’d always secretly lusted after her, he’d never acted upon it. But when he walked in on her touching herself, his cock was hard instantly. Their eyes met and Jana motioned for him to come over to her.

Taking off his pants, Jana began to suck on John’s cock. It was much bigger than she had expected it to be and the perfect size for her ass. Getting more and more turned on, she hungrily took in John’s cock. But getting him all wet wasn’t what Jana had in mind.

At first, John thought Jana was kidding. There was no way that her ass could open enough for his huge dick. When Jana leaned back into his cock, taking it all in with her ass, his eyes widened from how good it felt as well as how much she could take.

He thrust in and out of her. She then sat on his cock, still thrusting it into her ass as she bounced up and down. Lying back again, she had John thrust into her ass again as she fingered herself, trying to find the release she was looking for.

Finally John pummeled her from behind and even felt to see just how big her ass hole had gotten from his large member. When he finally came, he thought that his cum would never stop. Jana smiled and realized she had the best roommate ever.



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