bb_katerinanovalova_005 Katerina's Gaping Holes Get Abused bb_katerinanovalova_005 Katerina's Gaping Holes Get Abused

Katerina loves to get fucked. She loves getting her pussy licked out, she loves sucking cock, and she especially loves having a huge, rock hard prick shoved deep inside her snatch. But even though Katerina is a fairly adventurous girl, she has never had anal sex. Katerina was in for a big surprise.

Katerina’s boyfriend loves anal sex and wanted to get Katerina to give him her asshole. So he started by getting her in the mood. Her boyfriend pulled Katerina’s skirt up and admired her bald pussy before he started lapping at her swollen clit. Katerina opened her thighs wide so his tongue could clean her little clit. As he licked, Katerina let her orgasm go and covered his face with her pussy juice.

Katerina took off her top and bent over, waiting for her boyfriend to stick his enormous cock into her pussy. Her boyfriend penetrated her cunt for a minute, getting it nice and wet. But after only a few thrusts into her cunt, he pulled his cock out of her. Katerina was shocked when she felt his prick begin to penetrate her virgin asshole. But she loved letting him take her body, so she opened her legs and spread her ass cheeks for him.

He pushed his cock into Katerina’s little butt. She was tight, but eager, so he kept sliding his prick deeper into her asshole. Then he began to thrust in and out of her asshole. He opened her wider than she had ever been, and Katerina started to moan with pleasure at the ass fucking. Katerina opened her legs wide and let her boyfriend fuck her ass from behind her. She fingered her pussy as the prick filled her ass. Finally, Katerina’s boyfriend squirted his cum deep into her asshole, and left her satisfied and stretched wide open.



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