bb_katrinakraven_005 Katrina's Holes Get Filled bb_katrinakraven_005 Katrina's Holes Get Filled

“No, no, naughty boy,” Katrina purred, gently smacking at the hand that had just reached out for her virgin pussy. She had only herself to blame, she knew. She had been teasing him for hours, stroking her beautiful pink clit in full view, allowing herself to come to the brink of orgasm time and time again, promising him that he’d have his turn soon, if only he could be a little more patient.

Katrina wasn’t cruel; she knew exactly what she was doing. The longer she kept him waiting, the more he’d want to fuck her, and by telling him he couldn’t have the dripping pink hole him’d been lusting after for hours, she knew he’d attack her perfect tight asshole with the kind of rough desperation that she craved.

It had worked every time she’d done it in the past, and this time was no exception. She took his hand and cupped it around her plump yet firm round ass. He seemed to get the picture and moved behind her as she reached over and began to couch his cock, bending over with her legs spread wide and her ass high in the air as she did so.

As his cock slammed furiously into her ass, she let out a deep moan. It was perfect, she thought, just how she wanted it. He grabbed her curvy hips, slamming her back onto his aching member over and over again.

Just as the cock behind her slammed forward one last time right before filling her ass with a torrent of sperm, she got onto her knees and his throbbing cock sent burst after burst of delicious cum down her eager throat.



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