bb_kellywells_005 Kelly's Deep Well bb_kellywells_005 Kelly's Deep Well

Kelly and her boyfriend, Will, are really good at fucking; they will fuck every night of the week if they have the chance. Kelly and Will especially like to fuck on camera, and since Kelly is a big fan of anal sex, they thought they would record their own little porno movie.

Kelly had on a tiny pink dress. She danced around for Will and the camera, pulling her dress up at bit to show off her tiny thong panties. Then she pulled the top of the dress down to expose her little perky tits and pink nipples. Will squeezed Kelly’s nipples and sucked her tits. The Kelly stepped back and pulled her thong panties down and pulled up her skirt again. She opened her pussy lips for him and showed him and the camera her pink twat. Will leaned down and licked Kelly’s cunt for her. He lapped at her swollen clit until she was nice and clean. Then he pulled her panties down to her ankle and bent her over the couch.

With Kelly’s naked white ass in the air, Will spread Kelly’s thighs and opened her ass cheeks with his hands. Kelly felt Will press the head of his huge hard cock against her asshole. She gasped as the giant rod was forced into her hole an inch at a time. She screamed as he pulled his cock a little bit pout of her ass and then pumped it back in.

Will thrust himself into and out of Kelly’s asshole, rubbing her butt raw and getting closer and closer to orgasm. Kelly reached back and stroked her cunt, making her pussy drip with cum as Will’s cock probed deeper and deeper into her asshole. Finally, Will shot his cum load into her stretched asshole as Kelly squirted her own orgasm down her thighs.



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