bb_lenka_005 Lenka Spreads To Show Us Her Insides. bb_lenka_005 Lenka Spreads To Show Us Her Insides.

Lenka is the kind of girl who never gets tired of sex. She likes everything about it, and always is begging for more. She loves giving head, she loves getting her cunt fucked, and she especially loves getting her tight, perfect ass pounded. Lenka’s boyfriend loves to oblige her desires to get her little ass penetrated, and he does it for her as often as she wants it.

One night when she was especially horny, Lenka decided to do a strip show for her man. She made him sit on the couch and watch while she slowly stripped out of her sexy lingerie. First she took off her bra, letting it drop past her perfect tits and revealing her little pink nipples. Then she slipped her panties down around her ankles, letting her thighs part, and showing her tight cunt to her man.

Lenka began to stroke her soaking wet clit, letting her fingers penetrate her cunt. She licked her juices off her fingers, and then begged her man to come over and take her. He picked up Lenka’s legs and spread them as wide as he could. Then he plunged into her soaked pussy, shoving his hard cock into her as deep as it would go. Lenka began to cum almost instantly. The feeling of her man’s hot rod filling her slit was more than she could stand, and she quickly covered his shaft and balls with her pussy cream.

As the last shudders of orgasm left her, Lenka began to beg her man to fuck her tiny asshole. She rolled onto her hands and knees and presented her asshole to him. He pushed his dick into her ass an inch at a time, making her scream and beg for him to go deeper. Finally, he penetrated her completely, making her asshole stretch for his girth. Lenka squealed and came again, making her man release his creamy load deep into her asshole.



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