bb_melissalauren_001 Melissa loves a good ass pounding
bb_melissalauren_001 Melissa loves a good ass pounding

Melissa Lauren loves a big cock in her ass. She loves it so much that she’ll do anything to feel someone pound into her ass. So when Trey asks her to come over, she knows exactly what she needs to do to turn him on.

With the help of a friend, she starts to get comfortable on the couch, taking off all of her clothes and starting to pinch her perfect pink nipples. But while teasing herself is fun, she knows what she wants. Melissa Lauren wants a big butt plug shoved into her ass. Teasing the outer rim of her hole, she twirls the butt plug around in her ass, getting more and more turned on.

And that’s when Trey walks him. Completely turned on by Melissa Lauren fucking herself in the ass, he wants to see what else she can do. His cock is already hard, so Melissa decides that it needs a little special attention. Big black cock is her favorite treat, after all. Taking him into her mouth, she can’t believe he’s so big and that he tastes so delicious. Trey can’t believe his luck with Melissa on his rod.

Licking him and stroking him, Trey is about to cum all over her face, but he wants to feel his big black dick inside of her tight white pussy. With Melissa Lauren leaning back on the couch, he thrusts deep inside of her ass, making her bounce with each thrust. Her tits look so good when they’re moving up and down with each pump.

Taking her leg onto his shoulder, Trey thrusts into her ass again and again as she fingers herself and succumbs to the orgasm that’s been building ever since he walked into the room. Melissa might not have wanted Trey before, but now she can’t get enough.



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