bb_nickihunter_005 Sticking It in Nicki's Ass bb_nickihunter_005 Sticking It in Nicki's Ass

Nicki was a very bad girl who loved getting cock in her tight ass. But Nicki only liked huge cocks that almost tore her apart. Ben was a big black stallion from Nicki’s office. Nicki had seen him several times and every time she did, her little pussy got wet thinking about his huge cock pounding her ass. So when she and Ben got back to her place she was eager to get his cock out.

Nicki pulled her top up to show Ben her huge, perfect tits. Then she dropped her pants and let him see her naked and completely bald pussy. Nicki got on her knees and opened Ben’s pants, freeing his monster cock. She sucked the head of his prick into her mouth, and struggled to get even a few inches of the enormous cock into her throat. She slurped him for a few minutes until her pussy was wet. Then she pushed him to the couch and mounted him.

Ben shoved his cock up and into Nicki’s sweet and slippery cunt. He pushed it as far as he could into her hole and then watched her big titties bounce as she rode him. Nicki squealed and begged for more of his cock. Then she started to finger her tight asshole, getting ready for a little anal fuck. When she suggested he stick his cock into her asshole, Ben immediately stood up and bent Nicki over the couch.

He started slowly, easing his prick into her tight ass. Nicki pleaded for more of his dick, so he began pounding her harder and harder. Finally, all 10 inches of his cock were buried in her ass and she was cumming all over his balls. Ben continued stretching Nicki’s tight hole until he exploded, covering her face with his sticky load of cum.



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