bb_veronicajett_005 Veronica Jett the Butt Bunny bb_veronicajett_005 Veronica Jett the Butt Bunny

Veronica is a very attractive girl. But when you first meet her, you would never guess just what a dirty girl she actually is. She wears glasses and even though she is tall and thin, she looks a little nerdy. But beneath that nerdy exterior lies the pussy and ass of a slut.

Veronica loves to get fucked by two dicks at the same time. She loves the feeling of having one dick shoved deep in her hole while another one fucks her mouth. But Veronica doesn’t want her pussy fucked; she likes it when she gets fucked in her tight asshole.

She found two guys who were willing and ready to come to her house for a threesome, and as soon as she walked in the door, Veronica was taking down the top of her tiny dress. She showed her new men her tiny, perky tits, and then she pulled off her skirt and bent over to show off her perfect round ass. She asked who wanted to fuck her asshole, and one guy eagerly agreed.

Veronica straddled her man’s hard prick and rubbed him until he was even harder. Then she opened her legs as wide as possible and let him begin penetrating her ass. Every inch he slid into her, she groaned and begged for more. She begged him to stretch her asshole as wide as it would go, and he happily obliged. As soon as he was ball deep in Veronica’s butt, she grabbed the other guy and made him put his cock in her mouth.

He slid between Veronica’s lips and began fucking her pretty face. While she slurped up his enormous dick, she continued bouncing up and down on the prick pounding into her asshole. She started to cum, and released her sticky pussy juices all over the balls of one guy while she received a sticky jizz load from the guy in her mouth.



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